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A Not So Fairy Toxic Tale - posterWelcome to A Toxic Tale.com — the new online home of A Not So Fairy Toxic Tale, the acclaimed graphic novel by Toronto artists’ Cat Grant and Boyd Kodak, based on their real-life experience with a toxic infestation which destroyed their home and business, and made them seriously ill.

A Not So Fairy Toxic Tale can be download and viewed for free.

The print version is available in Toronto at Pages, The Women’s Bookstore and This Ain’t the Rosedale Library.

You can also order signed print copies directly from Cat and Boyd at info@atoxictale.com.

They hope the information contained in this book can help others recognize the warning signs and symptoms of this nightmare. This toxin often attacks secretly, and without discrimination. Rich, poor, race or religion, it knows no boundaries. This is information that everyone needs to have.

They have also included a page on what you can do to help.

© 2006 by Cat Grant & Boyd Kodak - info@atoxictale.com